October 2-6th, 2017

This year, Colorado HOSA will be joining the Colorado Fall Leadership Conference (CFLC) hosted by Tri Leadership and all Colorado CTSOs.  TRI Leadership Resources has planned an upbeat, interactive program, so encourage your members to take their professionalism to a new level by attending the Colorado Fall Leadership Conference!

We invite you to join us at a time or location that makes sense for you and your chapter.

What are the dates and locations?

  • Monday, 10/2- CMU Campus, Grand Junction
  • Tuesday, 10/3 – CSUP, Pueblo
  • Wednesday, 10/4 – Aurora County Fair Grounds, Aurora
  • Thursday, 10/5 – UNC Campus, Greeley
  • Friday, 10/6 – NJC Campus, Sterling

How much does the Colorado Fall Leadership Conference cost?

$25 for all attendees; including advisors, students and chaperones if the registration is completed by midnight on September 15th, 2017.  The registration fee covers the cost of: a light breakfast, conference space, speaker fees and materials for the conference.

This does not include the cost of lunch (please bring your own).

Please make checks out to: Colorado FBLA, 9101 E. Lowry BLVD. Denver, CO 80230

Link to Colorado FBLA W-9 Form

What is the dress code?

Dress for the conferences is casual. Appropriate casual attire includes:

  • Local HOSA t-shirt, favorite college t-shirt, casual tops
  • Jeans, Khakis, Casual pants
  • Sneakers, casual or safe recreational footwear is permitted (no flip flops!)