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  • The prospective advisor contacts the state headquarters office to be put on the contact list.

    Colorado HOSA
    Bailee Gardunio, Colorado HOSA State Advisor
    9101 E Lowry Blvd
    Denver, CO 80230
    Phone 720-858-2376

  • Colorado HOSA will send you an affiliation packet.
  • The advisor and lead students meet and review the material in the packet.
  • To start a chapter there must be at least 1 advisor and 5 students.
  • The advisor obtains approval to establish a HOSA chapter at their school from their administrator.
  • Colorado HOSA will give
  • A membership drive is held and an orientation presentation is given to the target students.
  • Additional support and resources are available by contacting the Colorado HOSA Headquarters (see above).
    • Local chapter will register all members through¬†National HOSA online.
  • Chapter guidelines are established for a local officer election and chapter officers are elected.
  • A method for collecting funds and paying bills is established according to the school / district policy.
  • Yearly student dues are $20 (state – $10 and national – $10). All Colorado HOSA students must be a member of both the state and national organization. In addition, a chapter may elect to collect local chapter dues.
  • Yearly advisor/professional dues are $20 (state – $10 and national – $10). All Colorado HOSA advisors must be a member of both the state and national organization.
  • Dues monies are collected and deposited into the proper account established at the educational/industry agency.
  • Chapter membership (state and national) is completed directly on-line to National HOSA @ ¬†Each chapter is assigned a chapter # and password. Contact National HOSA, 800.321.HOSA (phone 800-321-4672), or the Colorado HOSA State Advisor to complete this step.
  • Local chapter by-laws are developed and voted on by the membership and kept in a file.
  • A program of work for the year that sets goals and plans for the year is developed by the membership.